Jami, for all your help with our 3-4 month condominium remodeling, I have three things to say.




We have a number of rental properties. Between tenants, we like to make improvements, not just repairs. Because this is a special condominium in an exceptional location, we wanted something MORE. You were there every step of the way with thoughtful advice, extraordinary selection of colors and materials and – when needed – chasing down special order hardware and other materials. To say your effort was professional would be an understatement. To say you were a real pleasure to deal with would be an understatement. To say your recommendations and decisions were good would be an understatement.

During the sometimes difficult process of coordinating the vendors, selecting colors and materials, thank you for making me feel so comfortable. You are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the next opportunity to do so.

Mike Clark

Six months ago I hired Jami Cordry to help me give my salon a makeover. Jami was extremely helpful, a great listener, and lots of fun to work with. She found the perfect combination of soothing colors that I was looking for, and my customers love the relaxing yet chic design she provided. With Jami's professionalism and the great rapport we had, I will definitely be hiring her again in the future. Not a day has gone by that I have not walked into my salon and absolutely loved the color selections she made. I would recommend Jami with the utmost confidence and pleasure.

Julie Berg, Salon Sol, San Diego, CA

I am so happy with the color in the family room - I never would have found that color by myself! She also encouraged us to paint the kitchen turquoise - it looks fabulous! We highly recommend her.

Lisa, Del Mar, CA

I would highly recommend Jami to anyone looking for that rare combination of design expertise coupled with an artist's sensibility. I hired her to help me with a complete remodel of my Scripps Ranch home and couldn't be happier with the results.

She was instrumental in selecting all materials including; wood flooring, carpet, tile, cabinetry, granite and window coverings, as well as bath, kitchen and lighting fixtures. She offered creative advice in dealing with some problem areas which greatly improved the feel and flow of my home. When selecting paint colors, she encouraged me to think beyond white and beige, creating a warm and cozy environment.

In addition she had a great rapport with the contractors, some of which she recommended. She was professional, patient and a pleasure to work with.

A. Chaffee

On September 5, 2007, Jami Cordry closed escrow on her condo in Cape La Jolla Gardens. When we put the property on the market less than one month before, I warned Jami to be prepared to wait for a buyer. The San Diego real estate market for condominiums is currently quite slow. To our delight, the property went into escrow within 25 days of listing the property. I credit Jami's talent for design, color and her feng shui skills as key in getting the property sold for close to the asking price in a down market.

So impressed was I with Jami’s talent, I hired her myself to help me with my own home. So far she has helped me choose colors to paint the rooms and guided me in the placement of furniture to enhance the beauty of my home. Jami is professional, artistic and a pleasure to work with. I will recommend her services to friends and clients with great confidence.

Heidi M. Dorman, Prudential Realty

I would highly recommend Ms. Jami Cordry for any design project or consultation. She is professional, very talented, and has the ability to see above and beyond what is front of her and to visualize the possibilities for a space.

I recently obtained her services for a condominium renovation in downtown San Diego. I was amazed as she walked through each room addressing detail after detail. For a few minutes I wondered if she was actually talking about my place! By the time we were finished with the consultation, she had the end result in mind. I was very excited by all the recommendations she made and couldn't wait for the transformation to begin.

Her choice of materials, furnishings, design of custom built-ins and her outstanding paint color selection turned a plain condominium into a masterpiece. She also consulted daily with contractors, painters and vendors to ensure that the project came together in a timely manner.

My recommendation of Jami comes with much appreciation for her professionalism and outstanding behavior.

Once you have met with Ms. Cordry and shared your ideas, hand her the keys and don't look back! I guarantee, you won't regret it.

Thank you Jami!

Nate, San Diego

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! You reallllly made the place look FANTASTIC! Eliot (Realtor), was so impressed with you...and so am I! All the orchids and tulips! I think I want to buy this place!

Margaret, San Diego

Working with Jami was wonderful! I loved learning about the Feng Shui aspect of decorating and what I can do to enhance each of the rooms in our house to positively affect the different areas of our lives. The handouts she provides for this are very helpful. If you plan to decorate, why not do it in a way that will enhance your life and create a sense of balance? I fully recommend Jami as I found her to be very collaborative and responsive to my needs. She is a delight!

Kim Bruce, San Diego

I am a high school English teacher without a great sense of design. I asked Jami Cordry to come to my room in the beginning of the school year to give me advice about how to set up my classroom. When Jami entered my room, she immediately sensed that the balance was off and gave specific advice about how to give my classroom a better feel.

We did some rearranging of furniture as well as placing items in different areas so that the room's decor had a sense of purpose. She instructed me in how to use essential oils to provide intellectual stimulation. As a result of her advice, my room took on a much better feeling. It has been one of my best years so far in my professional career. My students this year were cooperative and the atmosphere of my classes was both more relaxed and intellectually stimulating. My husband and I decided to put our house on the market this spring and I asked Jami Cordry to stage our home. She went through our home and made suggestions about how to best present the home to perspective buyers. When the realtors came on caravan, they all remarked about how inviting and beautifully the house showed. They got very excited and brought a continuous stream of potential buyers in at a time when the market was not particularly hot. We got an offer within the first week and closed escrow within the month. I know that part of the attraction of our home was due to Jami Cordry's sense of artistry and design.

Roseann, San Diego, CA

Jami assisted me with my house and garden. She gave me valuable insight into each of my rooms based on her compass reading. I believe that after she was here and I followed some of her suggestions the flow of energy in my house is different--better. It was a most fun experience to hear her suggestions. I always thought I was blessed with a wonderful home and garden but now I'm particularly excited about creating an even more special atmosphere. Thank you, Jami!

Anne Marie San Diego, CA

Earlier this summer, I got it into my head that there was nothing more important I could do with my newfound freedom from school than run off to London with two of my best friends. Of course, having no money, my prospects looked bleak. That was when my mom worked a bit of her feng shui magic, locating the travel corner of my bedroom and sticking a false million dollar bill there. She also encouraged me to focus my positive energies on this symbol, which I did with slight befuddlement, being more used to focusing my negative energies on the newspaper. Within a week of the performance of these deceptively simple acts, various family members emerged from the shadows offering to pay for my plane tickets as well as my room and board. What were they thinking, providing a teenaged ruffian with passage to the Western nexus of culture and clubbing? I blame it on the feng shui. Call me biased, but my mom is awesome.

Hire her!

Jules Arcata, CA